Sometimes This Is How Your Morning Goes

Sometimes this is how your morning goes: You wake up and go to the restroom and when you return to your computer you see an e-mail that was sent at about 6AM that is the first reminder that you have about the sports activities you thought you were going to be involved in and you find out that you are wanted at a given place thirty or forty minutes away at 8AM. It is already 8AM.

I had an idea to write about a larger and interesting subject that has been on my mind and that I was further reminded of by my pastor’s Bible study yesterday morning concerning the subject of ergon nomou, works of law, that is found in only the Bible and in the Essene 4QMMT scroll as an apparently original concept of the 1st century AD, but I lack the time to do so at present. There are multiple kinds of busy–sometimes it is a good kind of busy like yesterday was and that I expect today to be, and sometimes it is a bad kind of busy, but whatever kind of busy it is, it does tend to impede upon my writing time.

After all, yesterday I got up, got ready for church, and was out the door a bit after 9AM to make a 10AM Bible Study that lasted a bit after 11AM. Then I fellowshipped and ate a little until (and also helped turn pages and practice a bit for a viola and piano duet a bit until) it was time to do choir practice for the special music for services around 1PM, which lasted for a few minutes and before too long it was time to bring out the viola again and play in the ensemble when church began. After services it was time for more fellowship until it was time to eat, and then play some fun games of Bible Bingo and Jeopardy which demonstrated the logistics needed for dealing with simultaneous desires to answer questions and the need for knowing the right Bible references for particular clues. After more conversation and making sure that everyone was accounted for with rides to where they were staying that night it was time to make it home, and then reset my router because it had gotten stuck during the course of the day to make sure the internet worked. And who knows what I will have to report on tomorrow when it comes time to sports and setup and dancing, unless I feel up to writing about it tonight.

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I'm a person with diverse interests who loves to read. If you want to know something about me, just ask.
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