Book Review: Being Creative

Being Creative, by Laura Bartnick

[Note: This book was provided free of charge by the Christian Indie Publishers Association Book Review Program. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

In reading this book, I was struck by the fact that my expectations did not prepare me for the book that I read. I expected a broad book about creativity and how it allowed human beings to act in the image and likeness of God. This book is not nearly that general, though, and in stead the book is a very specific book that looks at the author’s view of creativity–and all too often the author’s views about politics–from a very specific place as a Christian author and publisher. This is not to say that there are not some aspects of this book that are pleasant and enjoyable, but they are not what I expected. One of the aspects about this book that particularly rings true for me is the way that the author says that not all art is made for all readers, and this book is not really made with a writer like me in mind. That is not to say that there are not readers who will appreciate this book and what it has to offer, but my own takeaways from this book are pretty modest, and I hoped for me.

Coming to this book as a male writer of mostly nonfiction did not really showcase this book’s appeal to a different audience. This book seems to be written mainly to appeal to female audiences of those who write Christian genre fiction and who want to be encouraged not only to be creative but to do so in a way that does not alienate other people. Similarly, people who are impressed or won over by the author’s somewhat odd personality are likely to enjoy this book, as it is written as a personal account more than it is written as a doctrinal or historical exploration of creativity and what it means. This was disappointing for me, since I was a bit frustrated by the author’s attempts to invent terms or to promote herself as some sort of expert on the subject of creativity by talking about her own personal business, which was of limited appeal to me. It may appeal more to others, though.

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2 Responses to Book Review: Being Creative

  1. Catharine Martin says:

    I get where you are coming from. Creativity would seem to be an objective subject and approaching it subjectively would throw me off. It sounds as though the author tailored her book to a narrower audience than she either meant to or needed to do. It also sounds, according to your review, that staying on point may have been a better way for her to go.

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