Restaurant Review: Sullivan’s Steakhouse

As far as fine dining goes, this place certainly sets a high bar. My family had a reservation to this restaurant this evening (as I write this), and it was certainly an impressive place to eat. Without being particularly expensive, this is certainly a place that does service well. From the coat checks at the beginning of the meal to the attentive service in filling empty glasses of water and iced tea, to the helpful suggestions and tips when it came to what to eat, this was a restaurant that provided a great deal of service and also some tasty food that allowed me to ponder about some of the things I most enjoy in an eating experience, and why it is that it is sometimes worthwhile to go into the downtown area of a city where fine dining can be found for prices that are not too much greater than far less service-oriented places. It is easy to see why this place came so recommended by a friend of mine who had been staying nearby.

Our group all managed to get steak, which is perhaps unsurprising for a steakhouse, but we managed to all get it in different ways. My mother had just water to drink, while I had plenty of water and sweet tea, and my stepfather had another glass of Alaskan Amber, the same beer he had last night. The meal started with plenty of bread and my stepfather and I both got salads in addition to our steaks. My salad was a market greens salad with a tasty dijon-challot vinaigrette, while my stepfather had a caesar salad. After we had some time to eat that, the main dishes arrived. My mother got the steak salad with a basil vinaigrette that she greatly liked, I got a tasty ribeye medium with almost no fat and with a wonderful herb flavor along with some asparagus, and my stepfather got the ten inch strip steak which was similarly all meat and no waste, cooked medium well. After I finished my steak I had a tasty New York style strawberry cheesecake to finish the meal. It was well appreciated all around as being a great meal.

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2 Responses to Restaurant Review: Sullivan’s Steakhouse

  1. Catharine Martin says:

    I have to add that this was the best steak salad I’ve ever had. The dressing was unique and wonderful. I would have loved the recipe.

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