Short Library Book Reviews: Part Six

The Street Photographer’s Manual, by David Gibson

This book could have been better called the street photographer’s manifesto in light of the author’s perspective. This book is an example of why politics ruins everything. It is not necessarily a surprise to find out that a cliquish group of hipster photographers would struggle with the absence of children from contemporary streets and would have a lot of very ferocious and ultimately inconsequential debates about whether it is better to have projects or not, or to film in black and white or color and so on. What is surprising, and ultimately disappointing, is that this book is so heavy on leftist political ideology, demonstrating once again that a book that by all right should be an enjoyable book to read becomes far more tediously political than one would immediately expect it to be. And that is a great shame.

The Beginner’s Photography Guide: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Manual For Getting The Most From Your Digital Camera, by Chris Gatcum

This is an interesting book that may be both too basic and too advanced and too specialized depending on one’s own photography interests. It is quite possible that a variety of readers would take different lessons from this book, and it should be noted that the subtitle (and not the title) makes it clear that this is a book about digital photography. It is interesting that a book focusing on beginning photography would entirely neglect to discuss film cameras at all, but perhaps I am a bit old fashioned in that way. At any rate, there are parts of this book that will be too basic for all but the most rank beginner at digital photography, and other parts of the book that offer sophisticated advice on lenses and settings that are probably well beyond beginner, so as long as you know that this book offers more than the basics, it can probably benefit a fairly broad range of digital photographers, including many who may think this book to be more simple and introductory than it actually is.

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