Could You Pass The Turing Test?

One of the more intriguing tests that people take frequently is the Turing Test, whether they realize it or not. In a world like our own where there are a lot of bots masquerading as people, one of the important tasks that people have when communicating online is making sure that one is talking to people. It is easy for us to want to know that the people we are talking to are in fact people, and it is worthwhile to recognize at the same time that we are trying to test others and feel them out that they are doing the exact same thing to us.

What does this mean? A Turing test is a way that one demonstrates that one is talking to a person and not a machine. It is surprisingly hard to talk like a human being does, and online, without the visual cues that tell one that one is talking to a human being, it can be easy for people to fail the Turing test, even as it is (still) impossible for a computer to pass the test, although some of them are trying really hard to do so. Part of the reason why it can be so difficult to distinguish between bots and people is that people are sometimes as focused on what they want and what they are interested in than bots are limited in their ability to properly understand what is being said and in what sense.

One of the most obvious ways that we can prove that we are a human is to be responsive to the randomness that others have to offer. While any person can follow the script in their own head and this ability is present in bots as well, it takes a human being able to able to improvise conversation and to keep a mastery through a tricky interaction with an unpredictable person. It an be a great deal of fun to be the unpredictable person, to be sure, but not everyone likes a challenge when it comes to communication.

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