Short Reviews: Nathan’s 50 State Completion Tour: Part Four

40 Steak & Seafood, Bismarck ND:

If you happen to be staying near I-94, this place is certainly convenient and with friendly and unobtrusive service as well as tasty food, this place is an enjoyable example of fine dining in North Dakota’s capitol. Their bread is accompanied by a tasty and sweet butter, and their steaks are excellent (I had the flatiron myself, which was seasoned well) along with some jasmine rice and well-seasoned asparagus. My mother had some tasty broccolini as well as the buffalo meatballs. Overall, this place is an enjoyable one to visit.

Americas Best Value Inn And Suites, Bismarck, ND:

This hotel was a bit of a mixed bag. While I was able to sleep well the first night, the second night proved to be more difficult for me and even more difficult for my mother. While the breakfast on the first morning was satisfying, the breakfast the second morning was less so. While the hotel did have locked doors to keep the riffraff out, the hotel did a less stellar job of keeping residents quiet, including ones making loud noises upstairs all night. As has been the case frequently, the quality of a hotel can depend markedly on the quality of those staying with you given the way that walls and floors are typically thin and not very well sound-proofed.

Black Iron Grill, Miles City, MT:

This restaurant was an enjoyable place to stop and eat along the road. Close to the interstate and full of large and appreciative and diverse crowds, this was the second place we have been to that had such a busy time during lunch that the manager stepped in to help. Their salads and other foods are enjoyable, and if you like beef there is a lot to appreciate. Unfortunately, while service was attentive and friendly, the sweet tea was not very good, but nobody’s perfect, I suppose.

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2 Responses to Short Reviews: Nathan’s 50 State Completion Tour: Part Four

  1. Barbara Lundberg says:

    I have enjoyed reading about your travels and thoughts . Sorry to read about the gout attack. Hope u feel better soon🙏🏻

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