Hotel Review: Super 8 Airport/Fairgrounds Tulsa

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The reality:

Longer Review:

According to the research I was able to do on this hotel, the Super 8 Tulsa Airport/Fairgrounds hotel was built in 2001, making it roughly half my age. Those have been some hard years, though, if the state of the hotel has anything to say about it. When my mother and I arrived in Tulsa, having been told that there was a shuttle, there was none. When we arrived at the hotel, the main lobby was closed and we had to check in via the night lobby, where the receptionist was decidedly terse and not very gracious when it came to offering discounts for either Wyndham membership or AARP membership. Upon arriving at the room, numerous things were broken, including a wobbly toilet seat and a broken desk chair, and a non-functioning iron.

Admittedly, not all of the problems of this hotel are the fault of the staff, and we did find at least some of the staff to be friendly and welcoming, even if many of the amenities that were promised on the website did not end up happening (no free breakfast of any kind, for example, besides the aforementioned missing shuttle, supposedly not offered because of covid). The location of the hotel is decidedly sketchy, in a rather bad neighborhood, with police sirens and a rather serious problem with transients. The walls are definitely not anything close to soundproofed, and my sleep was greatly harmed by the fact that I was an unwilling earwitness to long hours of angry domestic melodrama happening next door. Overall, this hotel was not what it promoted itself to be, and that is a great shame.

1/2 star out of four – A strong do not recommend

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