It’s All Been Said Before

I am often intrigued by the communication problems that other people have. As someone who has spent my life struggling mightily with various aspects of communication, it has often struck me that a great many people feel very deeply and strongly but lack the ability to express what it is that they are feeling or why. This is a problem I can deeply empathize with. On the one hand, as a person of complicated emotions, I tend to find that it is necessary often to express what I feel in some fashion before I really understand what it is that I think and feel. Often, it is in the course of communication that I come to recognize what is going on inside. Unfortunately, I find that some aspects of my feelings are more obvious to others than they are to me, and those who are observant and insightful in emotional intelligence can know what I am feeling before I am, which has typically had disastrous consequences over the course of my life.

I was chatting with one of my friends who is dealing with cancer right now, and he commented that he disliked writing things unless he had something new to say. One the one hand, it is extremely difficult to know that one is saying something that is truly new given the fact that thousands of books are written each day, the majority of which are hardly if ever read. On the other hand, I have seldom needed to try very hard to say things that are unusual, and even if they may not exactly be unique, they are certainly unique to me given the specific places I have been, books I have read, and experiences I have had, none of which are necessarily all that common. And, to be fair, this friend of mine definitely writes things that are pretty distinctive.

This can admittedly be a bit of a mixed blessing. In some circles there is a distinct deal of hostility towards that which is new, because it is untested and untried and comes from outside of recognized and respected sources of truth and insight. At times, though, there is also a frustration about the same things being said the same way over and over again. I tend to find, personally speaking, that even where I have the same beliefs and positions that other people, that I express them in distinct ways with a different focus because I happen to come from a different perspective than many others, and I find it worthwhile to express that. Sometimes we have need of being reminded of things, and it is worthwhile if that reminder can at least come from a different place to give us something new to ponder over, some new way of seeing the familiar, at least.

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