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Don’t Go Jumping Waterfalls

The lyrics to the opening verse of “Waterfalls” by Paul McCartney go as follows: “Don’t go jumping waterfalls / Please, keep to the lake. / People who jump waterfalls /Sometimes can make mistakes.” If these lyrics sound familiar to those … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Complete Confectioner

The Complete Confectioner, or, The Whole Art of Confecionary, Made Easy, by Frederick Nutt This book is a deeply interesting book, and its contents open up a view into the world of dining for English elites in the period of … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Coca Cookbook

The Coca Cookbook: 35 Recipes With The Forbidden Superfood, by Dr. Bebe Fiammetta This is a book whose appeal, such as it is, is based on the lure of the forbidden. This is, admittedly, a strong appeal for humanity, but … Continue reading

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