Book Review: The Garden Tourist

The Garden Tourist: A Guide To Garden Tours, Garden Days, Shows And Special Events, edited by Lois G. Rosenfeld

If you are reading a book like this one, it is probably true that you are like me, someone who enjoys traveling to visit a lot of gardens. And if you are, then this book is a very good thing. It must be admitted at this point that the book is somewhat obsolete, given that it was published in 1994 and it is well past that now. Still, even though it is more than two decades out of date now, it is not a worthless book to read. Admittedly, I have a higher tolerance for reading obsolete reference books than other people do, but even so the worth of this book at this late date is mainly in informing people about what sort of gardens exist that provide events to visit. The addresses in this book are well worth looking up online and if it is easier to find gardens now than it was in the times before the World Wide Web, it is still always a good thing to be reminded of what kind of events a garden can host and what kind of places one can look up to see if they are still active and still holding public events at this time.

By and large, this book is a straightforward one. Coming in at between 150 and 200 pages, the book consists of a long list of events organized chronologically within particular gardens, with gardens organized by their city in alphabetical order within state organized by alphabetical order starting with the United States and then going abroad. Often the gardens are marked by their address, which makes them easy to look up but sometimes the garden is run by someone who has a P.O. Box, which makes going to some of the garden events more than a little bit tricky. Quite a few of the gardens appear to be private gardens, and there are societies that allow one, for example, to visit private gardens for free with an overall membership. As someone who enjoys going to gardens, there is a lot here to appreciate, and it is interesting to see how it is that gardens seek to draw visitors through events, and some gardens that have week-long events at particular seasons and times that are chosen for historical reasons or calendar reasons.

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