Book Review: Wiener Dog Art: A Far Side Collection

Wiener Dog Art: A Far Side Collection, by Gary Larson

While much of this work, published in 1990, will be familiar to those who have read a lot of familiar material, there are still some things here that are new and well worth reading. And even for the material that is familiar, Far Side is always worth appreciating even when one has seen it a few times. What separates this work from other collections is the entertaining titular collection of wiener dog art that demonstrates the humor of Larson and his ability to draw a consistent theme of wiener dogs through a long period of art history, involving such issues as Salvador Dali surrealism, vikings, the Old West, and even a few beloved classics of art repurposed with wiener dogs in them. Aside from this, the book is made from what one would expect, entertaining cartoons from a master of odd but hilarious skewed takes on people, animals, art, and history. This book is no different in the sort of bizarre drawings that are created, some of which show a great deal of humor and even societal decadence in snakes, for example. If you know what you like and you are reading this book you are probably very familiar with the Far Side already and will enjoy this as you have other collections.

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