Book Review: The Far Side Gallery 2

The Far Side Gallery 2, by Gary Larson

This selection of Far Side cartoons was especially familiar to me because I had just read and reviewed the collections from which this book was drawn, namely “Bride Of The Far Side,” “Valley Of The Far Side,” and “It Came From The Far Side.” As is the case with a great many of the compilations of the humorous and entertaining Far Side that have been made over the years, and there are a lot of them, it must be admitted, this is a funny collection of entertaining cartoons that has a specific perspective that is skewed but also hilarious, and a narrow but entertaining range of material that draws the interest of the cartoonist. Although the cartoons involved many be familiar to many readers [1], the collection as a whole is still entertaining when it is familiar, and this collection has an introduction by Stephen King, which will be worth something to some readers even if it felt entirely unnecessary to me as someone who isn’t very impressed with his writing. At any rate, though, a reader of this book knows what they are going to get and is going to get a lot of, enough to put on a coffee table as a sort of surrealistic virtue signalling.

[1] See, for example:

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