What’s It Worth To You?

Before coming into work today I had a couple of medical appointments. First, there was a trip to LabCorps. I figured that with Covid happening as it is, that there would be better parking than usual, and to a certain extent I was right. If I was not able to park in the immediate lot I was able to park not very far away and hoof it in. I’m not sure if this was necessarily a good thing, though, as while a rousing bit of exercise is good for you, it is not always good for your pulse, which was a bit higher than usual, likely due to my usual white coat hypertension [1], which is what it is. It did not take long for my blood sample to be finished, and quickly I was off to my second appointment at ZoomCare for my Covid test. I read on the window that they did not want us to come in until 5 minutes before the appointment so I sat outside and read some and then came in at five minutes to noon. I barely had time to look at my phone before being called in to take the swab test, which involved rubbing the swap all around in my nostrils, which isn’t the most attractive thing but was done quickly, and with that I was done.

I pondered that the test had cost me $140.00, and had taken about half an hour in a video-conference meeting and about five minutes of testing. Is it worth it, though? Considering it is a requirement for travel, it is worth it, but I can see there being a great deal of profit here. I’m not sure how much the lab tests were that my company had paid for that I took before then, but was it worth it? I imagine so, as they require it every year, giving employees $25/paycheck off in exchange for doing the task, and putting enough weight that managers lean on their employees to do it. It must be worthwhile to have information about their employees. I would not be surprised if it was worth a great deal to them to be able to subtly encourage employees to take on gym memberships and to eat healthier, but all the same it is not something that I feel completely happy about. I personally hate the nagging that tends to happen regarding health, and also tend to find that the encouragement to better health is often lip service only [1].

Recently I heard a message from our local pastor, and part of the message included a discussion on the repercussions of decisions made about Social Security and Medicare that forced the church to set aside money to pay for the health issues of aging pastors when it had been expected that the world would end before pastors reached the age of retirement, something that was obviously not the case, as we can see now. Companies make decisions about life all the time, and those decisions do not always work out for the best interests of others. What it’s worth to others has to be balanced with what it’s worth to me. It is for this reason that we have to ponder what it is that others are willing to offer us so that we will do something that is of obvious benefit to them? Sometimes it can work out where everyone can get some sort of benefit out of it, and sometimes that is not the case. When it is the case, though, it is always interesting to see the different things that people wish to get out of something, even something as simple as drawing blood or testing one’s nose swabbing.

[1] See, for example:



[2] There are various reasons why I feel this. The most obvious one being that the company itself profits from selling junk food to employees, or at least did, and has not always acted in such a way as to keep employees having access to good drinking water, to say nothing about anything else. Claims to support the well-being of employees strike one as rather hollow when this is the case.

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