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When Banks Compete, You Win: A Gamer’s Tale

In one of the nation simulation games I play, there is a strange phenomenon going on that I thought would be worthwhile to discuss, as it demonstrates something of the nature of banking in the 19th century during the days … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: The Cranberries

In evidence of one of the more strange and pointless rivalries that exist among fans of music, when I was a teenager and young adult, a close friend and I had an argument as to which of the noted Irish … Continue reading

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Book Review: Threat To Democracy

Threat To Democracy: The Appeal Of Authoritarianism In An Age Of Uncertainty, by Fathali M. Moghaddam This book exists on at least two levels. Unfortunately, the dominant or most obvious level of the book makes it hard for many readers … Continue reading

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Book Review: Hitler’s Bureaucrats

Hitler’s Bureaucrats:  The Nazi Security Police And The Banality Of Evil, by Yaacov Lozowick This book is really centered on demonstrating to the reader (and perhaps to the writer as well) how it is that the documents of the Nazi … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Weed Agency

The Weed Agency:  A Comic Tale Of Federal Bureaucracy Without Limits, by Jim Geraghty This is the sort of book that I could see being the inspiration for a movie, or perhaps even more hilariously, a sitcom about an obscure … Continue reading

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