Book Review: Victory Over The Power Of Darkness

Victory Over The Power Of Darkness:  Realize The Power Of Your Identity In Christ, by Neil T. Anderson

[Note:  This book was provided free of charge by Bethany House Publishing in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

It is perhaps little surprise that in the contemporary world identity politics should loom so large.  But what identities are most important for us?  The world would have us believe that our most important identities relate to ethnicity, gender, or sexuality.  After all, it is these identities which serve to make some people view themselves as privileged and to be hostile to the dignity of others whose identity is different.  The author correctly writes this book under the knowledge that our dignity results from the identity that we have as children of God and thoughtfully explores some of the implications of that identity.  It is not that identity politics themselves are inherently wrong, it is just that identity cannot help but be warped when one looks at the question in the absence of our creation in the image and likeness of God as well as the consequences that being created in such fashion result when it comes to our own conduct towards others while we are here on this earth.  Fortunately, it can be said that the author does not neglect these implications and indeed makes them an important part of his book, which makes this an easy one to cheer on.

This particular book is about 200 pages long and it is divided into twelve chapters.  The author begins with acknowledgements and then an introduction that discusses the importance of hope in the Christian life.  After that, there is a discussion of the identity of the believer as a child of God (1) as well as a discussion of the whole Gospel (2) and a need for people to recognize who they really are (3).  After that the author talks about something old and something new (4), the importance of becoming the spiritual person that God wants us to be (5), and the power of believing the truth (6).  This leads to a discussion of how we cannot live beyond what we believe (7), God’s guidelines to the walk of faith (8), and the importance of winning the battle for our minds (9).  Then the author talks about how one must be real to be right (10), the importance of healing emotional wounds (11), and the importance for believers to love each other (12).  After this there is a discussion of a data-driven investigation of steps to freedom in Christ as well as some books and resources and an index.

What does freedom in Christ mean?  What is it that we are supposed to be free from?  These are by no means the simplest of questions to ask or to answer but it is certain that a great many people who profess to be Christians nevertheless are not feeling the sort of victory in their lives that one would hope for in areas like fear, anxiety, anger, depression, and negative habits.  This book has a characteristic approach to spiritual warfare that will be familiar to anyone who has read the writings of the Pentecostals, and adds to the usual approach to the subject of demonology a discussion of the statistics of various problems among believers in different areas.  It would appear that there are some statistical differences in the sort of struggles that believers face on a geographical basis, which has some interesting repercussions when it comes to the pastoral approach that will best help believers to equip them for the challenges of their lives.  At any rate, this book provides some thought-provoking discussion about an important subject and is a worthwhile book to be sure.

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2 Responses to Book Review: Victory Over The Power Of Darkness

  1. capnhollis says:

    Books like this confound! They seem totally lost is some religio-mythology that has nothing to do with original Judeo-Christianity! Hell, with a country that would elect Trump anything stupid and evil can happen!

    • There is plenty that is stupid and evil going on with the urban terrorism in our cities and with the virulent hatred for our nation and its culture being spouted by some political leaders. Regardless of where one stands, it is obvious that there is much evil and darkness afoot. This book deals with individual matters, though, and is not written about systemic evil of the sort that one finds in various terrorist organizations.

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