An Unusual Fourth

Throughout my life I have had some unusual experiences on the Fourth of July [1].  I have spent them abroad and traveled, and reflected upon a nation that appeared to have everything.  I have used it as a way to travel and visit girlfriends and enjoy time spent with friends and family.  This year, of course, presented a fourth of July that was unusual in many ways.  To be sure, some patterns were the same–I spent the day with friends, had traveled a bit (in this case to go to church and enjoy a relatively quiet dance at the home of my hosts).  Even so, while at church most of the people at least were wearing face masks in accordance with the regulations set for the current Covid crisis and a great many people have faced a lot of threats to their well-being as well as their work over the past few months.  For a variety of reasons, including the general state of our nation and its political institutions and the general mood of the public as a whole, this wasn’t a very celebratory fourth, but it does present us with a vivid picture of how things could go in the future.

From what perspective does one want to view this day?  From my perspective, the day was not a particularly unusual one.  I woke up on the fourth in a guest bedroom and had a wonderful brunch and read some and wrote some book reviews and went off to church and chatted with some of the brethren there and then relaxed during the afternoon and chatted and ate dinner and danced some in the evening.  After that, seeing as it was after midnight and I had some things to do, I drove home in the early morning, even managing to fill the tank at 1:30AM because I remembered that there were a couple of 24-hour gas stations in Troutdale on the way home.  Again, for me this year’s Fourth of July was not particularly unusual, not least because there were plenty of fireworks being launched in the area around where I was staying.  Although it seemed as if the fireworks carried with it the sounds of coming thunder, and there is a storm in the visions of a great many people.

For other people, though, the Fourth of July is different than most for a variety of reasons.  For one, there are a great many people who, deluded as they are, see no reason to celebrate our nation’s founding because they see little good in the nation but who do not want to move somewhere else that might be more amenable to their worldview but wish to corrupt our nation to suit their own envy and resentment and hostility.  There are other people who find it hard to celebrate a day of liberty when liberty is lacking for dubious reasons for public health and so while the open foes of liberty and decency have been vocal and violent in their riotous behavior, there are a growing amount of people who will demonstrate some negative consequences and repercussions even if it has not been as obvious because of the slow build of irritation and frustration among those who are on the defensive as opposed to the offensive.  As is sometimes the case, this Fourth of July seems a harbinger for war, and that is an unpleasant matter.

[1] See, for example:

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