Obscure Hungers

Yesterday, one of the deacons of our congregation gave a sermon that I got to witness in person as we were filming at the home of another deacon’s family.  One of the aspects that was discussed in the message was the way that the lockdown has created some dangerous problems with the frustration of touch hunger and the resulting problems that result from not being able to have contact or closeness with other people.  At least anecdotally I have heard that a few of the more cuddly people of my acquaintance have had a terrible time with being so isolated and so deprived of affection.  We might not think that touch hunger would that much of a problem, but it so happens that most cultures in the world do a much better job at being affectionate than we do as Americans.  I know one of the more enjoyable aspects of travel that I have found is the high degree of affection that one can enjoy with friends and acquaintances than I find in the course of my normal life, where being a somewhat awkward person I tend not to give off the vibes of someone who most people wish to be affectionate with.

One of the more obscure hungers that I have experienced over the course of my life is nearly continual salt hunger.  I do not know if the ease of dehyrdation that I have is somewhat related to my salt hunger, but I would be surprised if there was no connection between the two.  Nevertheless, I am one person who would never make fun of a cow for having an undue fondness for salt because I have always had a tremendous appetite for salt.  This has led to a great deal of humor that people have found of my fondness for ramen noodles, which is something I tend to enjoy eating pretty regularly even now that I can afford to eat more expensively.  I also enjoy eating salty meat dishes, salty potato chips, and the like.  I am aware that too much salt is a problem, but at the same time there is something that is supposed to be in salt that I need a great deal of, and I am curious as to what that is because it is obviously missing.  Obscure hungers are usually a good sign that something is going on that needs to be addressed.

I dislike talking too much about my own obscure hungers, because there is a disadvantage in giving away too much information about oneself that others can make fun of without having acquired enough information about the hungers of others that would even things up.  That said, I tend to be observant towards the eating habits of others and I try to think of great reasons why other people have the sort of hungers that they do.  We are beings who are created with certain needs, and when those needs are not met the results tend to be rather unpredictable and lamentable in the course of our lives.  Although our longings can and are multiplied so that we are always in need of something no matter how well-off we are, it is deeply interesting to see how it is that human beings deal with not having what they really deeply need for their own well-being.  Whether it is seeking foods that contain nutrients that someone is just not getting despite being hungry for continually or seeking the affection of family and stuffies in the absence of people to cuddle, or whether it involves other more obscure ways of fulfilling one’s hungers, life is full of strange ways to deal with obscure hungers.  What sort of obscure hungers do you have, dear reader?  I would be curious to know.

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