Article Review: Coronavirus Genomics And Bioinformatics Analysis

Coronavirus Genomics And Bioinformatics Analysis, by Patrick C.Y. Woo, Yi Huang, Susanna K.P. Lau, and Kwok-Yung Yuen

Given the ubiquity of Coronavirus in our contemporary discourse, it is worthwhile to ponder some insights about this family of diseases from various Hong Kong researchers about ten years ago.  Even before the contemporary Covid-19, these researchers noted that Coronaviruses were becoming increasingly common and subject to various genomic analysis that they wish to engage in, noting the sort of animal viruses that interact with each other the most and seeking to provide some insight about a family of diseases that has become increasingly important in our discourse about public health.  While this particular paper does not have anything to say about Covid-19, not least because it was written ten years ago and that disease was not yet known, it does provide a look at how it is that different diseases within that family can be categorized based on their genetic mutations, considering how many diseases have been analyzed from that particular group.  This is a paper that could definitely be used by the reader who wants to understand how it is that Coronaviruses as a whole became better known and more wideespread over the past couple of decades or so.  It is a short paper at seventeen pages, many of them references, so those who can handle the technical approach of the paper will find a lot to appreciate here.

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