What Interested Me In Demonology: A Personal Essay

How does one become interested in the subject of demonology?  As someone who is interested in a wide variety of subjects, I feel it less necessary than most would find it to hide or disguise such an interest, although I still feel it is important to explain such an interest because not everyone will understand or approve of such an interest, and if one is going to write what the Bible has to say on the subject of the fallen angelic realm it is important to at least provide some sort of account of why such a subject deserves intense interest and examination.  Since we are going to likely spend a considerable amount of time and space together, therefore, I think it is worth explaining this interest and where it began and how it developed, since we will be spending most of this work dealing on what the Bible says rather than my own thoughts and opinions, as it properly should be.

I do not know exactly when my interest in Satan and the demons began.  I happen to have grown up in a household where the Bible was discussed and religious matters addressed, and the reality of Satan and the demons and their activity in human affairs was taken as a given.  The reality of spiritual warfare was something that was early impressed on me as a young person, and throughout life I have had the chance to witness scenes that I thought of as somewhat uncanny and have plenty of conversations where others commented on various spiritual insight that allowed them to recognize some sort of darker spiritual influence in a given interaction.  For example, my mother has frequently had conversations with others where she drew out something far out of line that they thought or believed but had never openly expressed, to the shock of those around.  This sort of experience tends to reinforce one’s interest in the subject as a whole.

It is not only from personal experiences or family conversations that I developed an interest in the subject.  Indeed, if it had not been for increasingly serious reading that I have done on the subject over the course of my adult years, I would have been unaware that not only was this a personal interest of mine but was an interest of a great many other people as well from diverse backgrounds.  For example, I read a book from the point of view of an African Christian that examined the way that Satan influenced the rebellious behavior of young people, writing with a great deal of passion and alarm.  Other books, a great deal of books, looked at the influence that Satan and the demonic realm have had on people who allowed “strongholds” of Satanic power in their lives even where they were not directly possessed.  And while I will not talk at length about such matters here, certainly reading the material of those who have written about such matters has influenced my own thoughts about demons.

It is must also be admitted that my own personal life has also influenced my view of spiritual warfare and the demonic realm.  Some of this has been an observation of others, in the way that drunkenness or the use of mind-altering substances of various kinds as well as the horrors of certain diseases has led to people not being themselves or acting like themselves.  At times this has been the experience or the observation of the effects of various types of abuse and the way that the demonic realm has made its effects known on the lives of people through the gratification of evil and through the way that these evils shape the lives of people who either commit evil or have evil inflicted upon them against their will.  These are not always pleasant matters, and we will unfortunately have to discuss some of these unpleasant matters in looking at what the Bible has to say about demons and the fallen spiritual world and how it operates as it is written in scripture.

It think it is also important to discuss my own view of the Bible.  In case you have not guessed already, this book is written from the point of view of someone who believes that every word of the Bible is true and that the Bible speaks authoritatively about whatever matters it chooses to mention.  This includes the spiritual realm.  Although there were will be plenty of places where inferences are drawn and reasoning is made from the scriptures, this will not be the place where speculation will be encouraged.  If you are willing and interested to see what the Bible has to say about Satan and the demonic realm, and about the interaction of Jesus Christ and human believers with that realm as discussed in scripture, this book will be of interest to you, so long as you are also at least somewhat interested in reading my own interpretations of these matters.  Your own interpretations and perspectives may differ from my own, and may be as valid (or more) than my own perspective.  That is something that happens very often when one is dealing with biblical matters, and for those of you who find yourself led to speak out in response to what I have written, I look forward to reading your own thoughts and perspectives as well, as they help to enrich my own understanding.

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