An Introduction To The Biblical Meditation Project

If we think of the subject of meditation and how it is presented, we can imagine a set of concentric circles.  Among all the books one can find on the subject of meditation, or that deal with it as a way of overcoming anxiety disorders, the vast majority of books will discuss meditation from the Buddhist perspective and ignore the lengthy history within even mainstream Christianity as a way of encouraging heathen religious practice by psychologists and others.  Among the comparatively smaller body of writing that purports to discuss the subject of meditation from a Christian perspective, the vast majority of this content focuses on the history of Hellenistic Christianity, very little of which has anything to do with the biblical perspective on meditation, regardless of the claims of the author.  Those who wish to engage in biblical meditation, therefore, are at an extreme disadvantage in that very few people write about meditation from the point of view of the Bible and the vast majority of material that one can find will lead one very astray.  In light of this, I would like to present a biblical view of meditation, and that is what this particular project is about.  In light of that, this post will be a clearinghouse for posts on the subject as linked below.



Biblical Passages On Meditation:


Principles Of Biblical Meditation:


Book Reviews:

Book Review:  Reclaiming the Art Of Biblical Meditation [1]
Book Review:  Facing Trials:  Thoughts For Meditation [2]
Book Review:  The Broken Road [3]
Audiobook Review:  Great Course:  Buddhism:  Part 1 [4]
Book Review:  A Testament Of Devotion [5]
Book Review:  The Prayer Wheel [6]
Book Review:  You Are The Beloved [7]
Book Review:  Exploring Depression And Beating The Blues [8]
Book Review:  The Alcoholism And Addiction Cure [9]
Book Review:  Discipleship Journal’s Best Bible Study Methods [10]
Book Review:  Hearing God In Conversation [11]
Book Review:  Coping With Anxiety [12]
Book Review:  The Compassionate Mind Guide To Overcoming Anxiety [13]
Book Review:  Becoming The Answer To Our Prayers:  Prayer For Ordinary Radicals [14]
Book Review:  The Pursuit Of God [15]
















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