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The Joy Of Logistics

Frequently I find myself writing about areas of logistics.  Intriguingly enough, when I began this particular blog, and in my previous blog writing that had gone on for a decade or so (or more, if you count my early Essays … Continue reading

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Book Review: Making Sense Of The Bible

Making Sense Of The Bible:  Rediscovering The Power Of Scripture Today, by Adam Hamilton After having read a variety of this sort of book [1], I have come to the conclusion that such a book is inevitably going to be … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Normal Christian Life

The Normal Christian Life, by Watchman Nee It is worthwhile to read a book like this even where (as is the case), there is much in this book with which I disagree.  It can be of great value, especially after … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sit. Walk. Stand.

Sit.  Walk.  Stand., by Watchman Nee I have to admit that this is a book I have heard about for some time, and I wasn’t sure if the hype of the book had outweighed the book’s virtues, but in this … Continue reading

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