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Why Should It Matter Who The Messenger Is?

From time to time I have noted the unfortunate personal tendency I have to be far less friendly to messages being delivered to me that come with certain labels even where I am quick to claim such labels and identities … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Rules For Disappearing

The Rules For Disappearing, by Ashley Elston [Warning:  There be spoilers here.] It is hard to overestimate how implausible this plot is.  That is not to say that this book is not enjoyable, after a fashion, but it is certainly … Continue reading

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Book Review: Greetings From Witness Protection

Greetings From Witness Protection, by Jake Burt This is a fantastic middle-grade novel with an immensely relatable heroine, kindly kleptomaniac Nicki Demere.  This is the sort of book that begs for a sequel, although as of yet the author has … Continue reading

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Book Review: Deep Zone (Football Genius #5)

Deep Zone (Football Genius #5), by Tim Green One way that you can tell this is a fictional story is that the author has the Falcons winning the Super Bowl.  When I chose this book to read from the library, … Continue reading

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