Shredding The Chords

Since I’ve been rather busy this weekend, even by the fairly busy standards of my time, I thought it would be interested to note one of the threads that kept on appearing throughout the course of my weekend’s activities despite my best interests to save as much of my throat as possible given what I was up to.  And this weekend’s theme is my shredding of my vocal chords because I had to keep using them over and over again.  And when I wasn’t talking I spent a good deal of time coughing, which honestly was sometimes alarming given the amount mucus that I have coughed up, and all of this means that it was not necessarily the best thing that I was feeling good enough to be busy despite the fact that I am obviously not feeling my best.  This entry has waited long enough, though, so it’s time to get to the theme.

So, I was the songleader at services yesterday, which is sort of a disadvantage when your voice sounds like the aural equivalent of a bag of Tillamook medium cheddar.  So, I get to church and the first thing I do is go to choir practice in order to work on a piece that we are singing next week.  By the time that practice was over, my voice was pretty done too, but I still had six songs to sing (!?) and introduce and so on and so forth.  My voice was so rough that one of the elders in our congregation joked that I sounded like I was going through puberty.  That was probably a pretty low blow, since my voice changed when I was eleven, but as a witty person one has to expect other people to act witty, and it is something that I simply accept as being a common way that others like to deal with what I have to say.  Suffice it to say that my voice was pretty shredded after all that.

But, of course, it was not over, because yesterday my pastor thought he would invite my roommate and I to dinner to enjoy meat loaf, and so I had to occasionally use my voice of course to participate in the amusing and entertaining conversations.  Needless to say, this did not approve matters, and I tried to keep fairly quiet along the drive as a way of saving my voice.  It worked a bit, as my voice had gotten a bit better this morning, and I had even managed to get enough sleep that my eyes looked a bit less bloodshot to myself, but alas, today my voice was strongly tested as well because I was the bingo caller as well as being in charge of the trivia section of the Salem Senior brunch.  And while I have to say that both of those activities went well, they once again shredded my voice.  That said, if I shredded my voice, at least I did it in a good cause.  I don’t think anyone hearing me talk assumed that my voice was feeling its best, but they all know that I was game for what needed to be done, and so I am.  Now I hope I can spend the next few days relaxing the voice, since I will need it next weekend as well.  But that is another tale, for the future.

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