Let’s Not Have Any Lies Between Us

My day began in a way I could have predicted.  I got up and got ready for the speaker’s workshop and as I was starting my shower my roommate drove off, thinking that the speaker’s workshop was earlier.  When I finished bathing and was about to head off to the workshop myself, I checked my e-mail one last time expecting a message and finding it exactly to be what I had expected it to be.  When one receives a message that one is expecting, and not particularly dreading, one’s attitude about it is far different.  One can then feel that one has understood something of the pattern of communication that someone has and that understanding means that one is no longer a victim of someone’s whims or someone’s disrespect but rather that one has established a proper understanding.

The Speaker’s Workshop was okay but was nothing to write home about.  The person giving the presentation was a backup who had about a day and a half warning, and the results were about what one would expect, with a bit of rambling on the topic of focus, and plenty of group discussion to liven up the hour time.  Choir practice (and the performance) went well, and so did services.  I was able to talk quite a bit with some people, put myself in places where there was plenty of conversation to be had, and though I did not dance at all it was not a wasted evening as far as that goes, as I had a few humorous thoughts about the way the dance went as a whole.  By the time I got home it was after midnight and having my sleep interrupted in the middle of the night under those circumstances has pretty much left me extremely lethargic today, so I am hoping to get my energy back for tomorrow, when I am going to need it.

One of the consequences of being so tired is that I have felt particularly uninspired as far as writing is concerned, something I hope I can snap out of later tonight at least.  But in the meantime, I would like to keep this short.  Communication is really tough, and I do not pretend to do it well.  I have always valued dances because of the complex ways that one can communicate, and there was a lot of communication going on.  Sometimes communication is done verbally, and sometimes one is left with hesitations, pauses, lingering, and that sort of thing that helps communicate, and one never knows what one means.  I don’t have any guesses, but it’s something I pay attention to.  As someone who was dressed particularly flamboyantly at the dance despite not being a very flamboyant person, I suppose I was doing more than a bit of communication myself, perhaps even in unintentional and unexpected ways.

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