Album Review: Land 2 Air Chronicles I (EP)

This particular “album” is a three song EP that was released by Kenna.  Having previously listened to and enjoyed his two full albums, which were both excellent and should have been hits, does Kenna’s independent music efforts have the same degree of skill and depth?  Here is a track-by-track review:

Chains:  This is a remarkably touching song that deals with the question of chains that cannot be broken but that may be possible to slip off.  Is Kenna talking about the chains of the past, of memory, personal or ancestral, or of relationships with a loved one or a former record label?  All of these are possible, and the song is definitely one that I enjoyed listening to.

Kharma Is Coming:  This song has a considerable degree of punch as the author proclaims that justice is coming for someone the narrator has been dealing with.  Produced by the singer and Chad Hugo of the Neptunes fame, this song shows Kenna acting like a judge, jury, and executioner of someone who has done wrong and who will definitely pay.

What U Want:  This song is the real gem of this collection, a catchy anti-fame ode that realistically portrays the life of fame and notoriety with all of its emptiness and all of its danger.  The singer is speaking about a young woman who wants to be famous, giving her ironic advice that she shouldn’t be afraid of going after fame if it’s what she really wants, even if it is ultimately not the most worthwhile thing in the world.  With a great deal of layers including multi-voice tracking, bells, spare piano chords, and a great beat, this song is one that is worth remembering.

All in all, this is definitely a worthwhile collection, one that whets the appetite of the listener for more and makes one hope that there will be a third album released by Kenna sometime.  If it is unlikely that his music will have mass appeal, at least it is music that is well worth listening to and definitely enjoyable.

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