Poll: Song Reviews

There are quite a few songs I have wanted to review, but I’m not sure which one(s) would be the most appreciated.  I have a few quirky songs that I’d like to say more about, so I will include a list of songs I am willing to review and some brief notes about them.  If you want to make any choices or add any nominations of your own (be aware that if I do not know them it will take a bit of time to listen and research and choose these), feel free to comment on this blog.  With that said, here goes:

Crime – Real Estate:  This song has an interesting balance between very sedate music and much more powerful and poignant lyrics, and it’s a song I have come to appreciate a lot recently.

And Then You Went Away – Brian Vander Ark:  This song has some deep personal resonance with me, which I don’t wish to explain at length at present, but the singer was once the singer of the Verve Pipe, whose hit “Freshman” was popular when I was a freshman in high school, so there’s that.

Possession – Sarah McLachlan:  I have been a huge a fan of this song for a long time, and its rather intense and somewhat disturbing meaning has been on my mind for a while as well, although the context of this song is pretty layered for many people, I would imagine.

Praying – Kesha:  Perhaps my favorite hit song of last year, this song is one whose meaning and importance should be pretty clear to those who are fans of pop music and how it relates to contemporary cultural concerns.

Feel free to offer your suggestions here.



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