Book Review: Secrets Of The Unknown God

Secrets Of The Unknown God, by Nicky Verster

[Note:  This book was provided free of charge by Books Go Social/Net Gallery.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

In order to best understand this book, it is worthwhile to know something about its mix of Gnosticism and contemporary New Age fads for Buddhist doctrines like karmic debt and the astral plane and reincarnation, all of which are common elements of books that seek to misinterpret the Bible from a New Age or Buddhist worldview [1].  This book is one of the most striking insider perspectives of demonology I have come across, from the point of view of the poor struggling demons who want to believe in no judgment, who view Satan as a jailer rather than ultimate evil, who have a strong hostility to God’s law as well as the biblical view of creation, and who find life in the astral plane without a body painful, and so they constantly search for another life form to inhabit.  This is a book that will give you no insight into the Bible, although it cites it and twists it often.  Whether or not you want insight on the demon world coming from an insider perspective is not something I feel qualified to speculate on, but I must say that I found the book unpleasant to read.

This book is divided into six large chapters, the last of which is a recap and takes up almost 350 pages of material.  This partial posits paths to God over the place of seemingly infinite lifetimes and also show a viewpoint of there being no hope in escaping entirely from the material plane.  The author believes in a supposed “truth” of evolution that views the preservation of apes and other animals as being essential to provide a pathway to spirits from animals to mankind, which apparently spirits really want to inhabit.  The author takes a consistently anti-physical approach, denying physical creation, physical heaven or judgment, and believes that the letter of the law is to be abrogated for an allegorical and “spiritual” understanding of the law.  The author’s actual knowledge of Bible appears to be sufficient to skew the Bible and to view it perversely but not enough to actually desire to obey it and follow it.  This book, and others like it, are traps for the unwary, but for those who are wary, they give some striking insight into how demons view themselves and their own activity with human beings.

In light of this, I cannot give this book a good recommendation.  Those who would find this book and its arguments even remotely appealing I would view with a great deal of pity and sadness, and would consider myself responsible for putting them in harm’s way.  Those who would not find this book persuasive would have little enjoyment in the book because even the insight of seeing how demons view themselves and their longing to inhabit bodies and their hatred of the loneliness of being isolated spirits in the astral plane longing for a home that they do not have and twisted in their hatred of God and their desire to deny the existence of His creation and His judgment, or the literal rule of Jesus Christ over the earth is not something that is or ought to be appealing to many people at all.  The knowledge that life without someone to possess is painful and unpleasant to demons and that there is a sort of hierarchy where spirits must possess lower life forms in the absence of available human beings might make one pity those rebellious spirits, but I cannot imagine many people who want to do that.

[1] See, for example:

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