Book Review: Raw Food Diet For Beginners

Raw Food Diet For Beginners:  Simple, Easy To Follow Diet Plans And Tips That Promises [sic] A Slimmer And Leaner Body Naturally!, by Ross Contreras

[Note:  This book was provided free of charge by BooksGoSocial.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

I must admit that I am not familiar with reading a great many books about the raw food diet, although it is something I have heard about, and I am certainly familiar with a great deal of faddish writing about health [1].  In looking up this particular title, I found at least half a dozen books written with nearly identical titles, which suggests that there is at least an apparent demand for books such as this one and many other titles which are aiming at the same market, namely those people who are overweight (no shortage of people there) and who are susceptible to claims about the evil of cooking food and the goods of eating an all or at least mostly natural diet of raw, uncooked foods that are supposed to aid the body in slimming and digestion and encourage the growth of internal bacterial cultures to siphon off calories and aid in slimming.

This book reads more like a pamphlet than a book.  There is, at least from what I can see, no sources that are cited for the book’s claims.  There is a disclaimer concerning the fact that the book does not profess to give medical advice in order to avoid lawsuits, but to a reader who is used to and appreciates the scholarly conventions of citing sources that would count as evidence for the author’s claims, this book’s lack of documentation is rather startling considering the claims it makes for the denaturation of proteins when they are cooked to a certain level as well as the rankings of food by their pesticide content and statements about certain foods containing poisons that prevent them to be eaten profitably raw.  This is the sort of information one would need to have to give this book a fair hearing and to properly examine its claims.  What one gets in this book is about 40 pages of dogmatic and unsubstantiated claims about the benefits of eating raw food and a great many recipes that include chard and mango and avocado, and only a few of which look to be worth trying, and a more than a few which are potentially fatal for this reader.

Despite my best efforts at giving this book(let) a fair effort, there are simply too many problems for me to recommend this book.  It appears pretty evident that the author wishes to encourage healthy eating on the part of his readers and that this book has a great deal to say about simplicity in eating as well as substituting a desire for unhealthy foods with healthier ones, but all of this goodwill does not deal with the essential problems of this book, at least for me.  The author makes claims that he simply does not even attempt to back up with evidence, and that is a pretty serious mark against it.  Additionally, the author makes a great deal of recommendations in terms of recipes that are an active threat to my health and survival, and I have a hard time appreciating a book that gives me too many recipes that I am allergic too.  This author apparently has a great love of mangoes, and that is a bridge too far for this reader.  A combination of a lack of evidence and the bad will of making terrible food recommendations means that this book is beyond the pale as far as books I can recommend that others read.  Perhaps others whose food limitations are less strict than my own and who have a greater love of avocados and hemp seeds will find more to appreciate here than I did, but this book was not what I was looking for.

[1] See, for example:

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