A Migraine You Don’t Deserve

I get headaches often enough and for enough reasons that, like everything else, I turn my analytical approach to it [1]. It is fortunate, for many reasons, that I do not drink alcohol, as that eliminates hangovers from my tendency towards headaches. After all, it would be immensely unjust if I had to account for that factor as well as everything else that gives me a headache, and the drinking would probably rob me of the mental resources I use to cope with life rather than attempt to forget about it for a while. That said, while it is good to know that my headaches do not come from alcohol, it is not always helpful in determining the precise blend of qualities that account for them. But, I try, and it is worth exploring the effort, at least, for future reference, if nothing else.

Since last night I have had a somewhat throbbing and intense headache. It is possible that the headache was a result of a lack of sleep, as I have not been sleeping well, even by my poor standards, recently. However, I do not know if there is any solution to that difficulty, unless I can manage to get my mind more at ease, and less distressed, on a regular and consistent basis, especially when I am asleep. That is not an easy task to accomplish, I must note. I do try to test if a headache is related to dehydration at all, but this headache clearly did not have that cause, for which I am glad, as it never hurts to keep enough water to stay hydrated, something I have been known to struggle in from time to time.

My most troubling headaches relate to pressure. Given the fact that it was a stroke that led rather directly to my father’s death, and the fact that both my mother and maternal grandfather have had long struggles with debilitating headaches, clearly there is an issue with blood pressure on a congenital level. And few who know me would doubt either that I have lived a stressful life (much of that pressure coming from my own drive and intensity) and that I tend to feel the need to release that pressure, especially by writing. I’m not sure of the net result of my writing when it comes to my internal pressure. On a day-to-day basis, writing appears necessary to help me form thoughts and reduce internal pressure, but it can just as easily provide headaches when it comes to stressing out over people and friendships and the repercussions of what I have written. I guess if one has a migraine, it’s better when it is a migraine you don’t deserve, because at least it means that something good may come out of overcoming the problems that have been placed in this life to be overcome.

[1] See, for example:







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