Out Of The Abundance Of The Heart The Mouth Speaks

One of the scriptures that I think about the most in terms of my life, especially as a blogger, is Luke 6:45: “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” What is true about the heart speaking is also true about the heart blogging. Sometimes what the heart has to say is good treasure, but sometimes it is full of anxieties and concerns. As someone who happens to wear my heart on my sleeve to some extent, to share my struggles and my burdens with the world. Sometimes this can be a cathartic sort of experience that greatly helps me out. At other times it is not helpful, because as much as I would like to unburden my own soul, I do not wish to cause any sort of trouble for anyone else, and that is a very frequent occurrence to speech as well as writing. When we are wrestling with our own struggles, we have to remember that we are connected with other people, and that in sharing our own lives that we are connected with others as well.

Beyond those concerns, though, we must examine what is in our hearts in the first place. When I began this blog, I had in mind a particular direction that it would go. I thought that it would be a blog a lot like my first one [1], with ironic and humorous bits about my life along with commentary on world affairs and history. I had a separate book review blog [2] that quickly got subsumed into this blog because I had a hard time separating out my direct book reviews from the posts of mine that were inspired by books, and because I have a hard time keeping different parts of my brain and different parts of my life safely compartmentalized. Everything in my life tends to bleed together into one rather complicated set of conditions. At times this can be the cause of a great deal of insight, but at times it tends to make it hard to figure out how to resolve the many interconnected problems of my life, and so I write over and over again about different manifestations of the same basic topics of fear and courage, trust and suspicion, love and anxiety.

Out of the abundance of my heart I blog. As I have commented before, this blog serves several very strong purposes. Among the chief purposes is to keep me sane enough to function. As the sort of person who has rather intense and sometimes even debilitating anxieties and stress in my life, I really need to get that sort of material out of my head and heart and put it somewhere where it can be openly dealt with [3]. To be sure, it leads to some strange looks on occasion, and more than a little stress about how other people will judge me for what is in my heart. Yet at the same time, it is better outside than inside, because the sorts of problems I wrestle with are far too intractable for me to solve on my own, and often require the involvement of other people to work out successfully. To be sure, there are a lot of intellectual blog entries I write, and the language of my writing is certainly not always simple or straightforward. Yet the driving impulses of my writing, as they have been since I started writing when I was very young, was simply that I had too much inside of me that simply had to let out. And that has never ceased. For if my heart were not so burdened, I would not feel the compulsion to share so much. My vanity is not so great that I simply must show off what I think to the rest of the world.

And yet there is some good that comes from my writing. I celebrate the people who are inspired to share of themselves upon them reading what I write. I know of at least four people who have publicly expressed that I inspired them to blog. Two of those blogs were meant to rebuke me in some fashion for writing in such a way that caused them some consternation, with the implied need to correct what they viewed as an unpleasant bias of mine. Despite the rebuke that was meant by their efforts, I celebrated their being inspired to write because I make no pretenses at omniscience, rather openly admitting frequently that although I do the best that I can in every area of life, sometimes the best that I can do, or the best guesses (especially of the motives and intents of others) is often not very good. On the other hand, two people have been inspired to write because they feel the need to share of themselves in the same way that I do. By and large, the blog entries from these people have not been many, since it takes a particularly fertile life or troubled mind to write as often as I do, especially given the sort of material I have to work with. That said, I appreciate it when others are inspired to share of themselves, for even if their perspective is different to my own, and even at times hostile to it, as long as it presents an open and honest view of where others stand, at least it lets me know that I am not alone in lighting my candle against the darkness of this present evil age. We live our lives with a powerful enemy who wishes us harm, but I am no one’s enemy in that way, and God willing, no one is mine.

[1] http://nathanalbright.blogspot.com/

[2] http://nathanalbright.wordpress.com/

[3] See, for example:






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