The Usual Suspects

Tonight would be the sort of event that I normally overanalyze [1], but I don’t have much time for that. From about 7PM to 9PM today, I was in Vancouver for the second straight evening [2], only this time it was for business rather than attempted pleasure, as I was at the planning meeting for this year’s Northwest Weekend. Although I have only been in the area a little under two years, our congregation does host the event and I am the sort of person who loves to be involved in planning meetings and dealing with questions of strategy. Again, although my time in Portland has been short, I have already established a pattern of being involved in discussion about matters of planning and organization, and my involvement in just about everything I can possibly be involved in, and possibly a few things I shouldn’t be involved in for my own sake tends to create such expectations.

To me, what I found most striking is just how small of a group is deeply involved in such matters. I attend a congregation that has around 150 people or so, but only about 10-20% of them are involved as key organizers and planners, including the more active teens and young adults (of which I am one) as well as the more established adults who are in charge of promotion and specific events and other such duties. This particular meeting included a very small group of people, including our pastor, and only one person there who was not actively involved, who was a pre-teen who happens to be in my Sabbath school class. I was surprised a couple of other people weren’t there, but given that it was a school night and given the fact that the meeting was somewhat late, that makes sense. Honestly, given my own early work schedule, it would have been understandable had I decided to go to bed early, not that I ever do.

That said, the meeting was useful. We were all in pretty good agreement, there were quite a few ideas bounced around, some comic relief, and a fair amount of delegation and decision. The hosts of the event, a married couple who took me under their wing, so to speak, when I arrived in the area, took the minutes for the event and will presumably send out notices to all of us about what is going on, and who is responsible for what. Judging from this meeting, it looks like I will be involved in at least one or two more meetings including a walkthrough of the rooms at the Vancouver Hilton and helping determine the plans for the adult dance at least (I do not expect to be particularly involved with the teen dance). So, here’s hoping I won’t have to stay up for too many more late nights like this one. One can hope, at least.

[1] See, for example:


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