In The Nick Of Time

When I left work today after a long and busy day, I made a rather quick decision to reverse my originally intended errands. I had originally thought to travel down Murray and start with some grocery shopping and then do my other errands, but I decided to reverse that and start with the library, so that I could enjoy the sunny day with a pleasant drive around the countryside south of Aloha and the hills and valleys between Beaverton and Tualatin. It was a lovely day, and the traffic was not bad at all, so I was able to get around without too much trouble, even if my car is not exactly well suited to climbing hills very rapidly. At least that part of my trip was peaceful.

When I got to the library, I dropped off my completed book on Chilean history [1] and picked up three more books, one of them a book on the troubled history of the Balkans, another the sequel to a novel I read earlier [2], and the third a book that had been recommended by my supervisor. Of course, when I went to pick up the books on hold, I managed to spook a young lady who was looking at something private on her smart phone, and who scattered when I went into that normally abandoned aisle to get my books off the shelf and then check them out. I noted that the library closed at six, which was only a few minutes after I arrived, so it was rather fortuitous that I went to the library first, in that it allowed me to get my books today rather than having to wait until this weekend, when it would be a bit more crowded of a trip, and might allow me to get at least some reading done before then.

After finishing with the library, I went off to the credit union expected a fast trip, but that’s not what I found. Instead, I found that my attempt to get my rent money from the atm earned me some unfriendly sheets saying that it was an unauthorized transaction. By chance, the branch manager happened to see me at a machine that was unable to accept deposits and opened the Credit Union to let me in and check out my card. As it happened, there was one questionable item on my card that we could see and so I called card services to see what was going on. The person on the phone listed another couple of dubious charges, including a hotel expenditure (apparently somewhere in Florida?) as well as the purchase of some flowers, which much have triggered the fraud notice, as my romantic life is not a particularly exciting one, despite the fact that it is the subject of incessant rumors. While I had to get a new debit card, which was a bit irritating, I at least was able to update my address and phone number, which was nice. Hopefully I don’t have to worry about the expenditures going through either, as no one should get flowers from my card unless I’m getting at least some kind of passionate kiss from a lovely young lady. After that, I was able to get my rent money and the machine was found to be working for withdrawals at least.

After that I managed to do my shopping for tomorrow’s dinner, hoping that everyone will enjoy the items and that I will be able to find enough cooking implements to get it all done before my guests show up, and trying to figure out the logistics of the event. I have to say, though, that I am a bit nervous about the way that people will think in visiting me. I have to say that while I greatly enjoy witty conversations over good food, I’m always a bit nervous about showing off where I live to others, as I’m not a very showy person in that fashion, and tend to value home as a quiet place far from any kind of threats or judgments. I suppose there is much to that particular quirk of mine in the complicated course of my own life, but we shall see how all of that goes tomorrow.



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4 Responses to In The Nick Of Time

  1. Friends come to socialize with you; the food and home are tangential. Have fun Maryizing and enjoy the fellowship! 🙂

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