Keeping It Real

As I had finished reading today’s book during lunch [1], I was making some notes in a notebook to help aid my memory of what I wanted to do this evening, and I noticed on the next table over that some of my coworkers, agents I did not know particularly well, were playing a form of charades that they tell me was shown on Ellen. They seemed a bit surprised at my knowledge of rap and hip hop stars and albums, especially since I do not give any outside appearance of being gangsta in the least, being almost a stereotypically studious and cultured fellow. At times I find it is immensely helpful to reveal some of the complicated layers of my personality and background before people, especially if it allows them to feel more at ease with me, and convinced I am not some kind of snob.

The way the game works is rather elegantly simple. Someone has a computer device in front of their forehead that they cannot read, but the other people (three in our case) are able to read the clue and give clues to help the person guess them, in a form of ghetto charades that is called Heads Up [2]. If you have to pass you rotate it up, and if you guess the answer right you rotate it down, and then you compare scores over a couple of rounds. As might be imagined, once I got familiar with the mechanics of the game, my ability to guess pretty quickly definitely helped impress my coworkers, who all have way more visible street cred than I do.

Now, how did I acquire my ability to keep it real in the first place? From 1995 to 2003, I lived mostly in the mean streets of East Tampa and South Central Los Angeles, and also for a few months in late 2010 and 2011 in East Tampa again [3]. While the place where I lived did not in any way inhibit me from my love of reading, making me an obviously eccentric fellow in the neighborhoods I lived in, at the same time I was influenced in some ways by the neighbors I had, including the language that they used (which sounds comical when I speak in that sort of patois) as well as the music that they listened to. The fact that my life has tended to make me a keen observer of the ways of others as well as someone with a certain amount of passion for social justice and romantic love has tended to greatly influence me.

The rest, I suppose, is due to the fact that I have a great capacity for useless and trivial knowledge. The same kind of interests that lead me to compete nearly every year online (and occasionally in person) for a spot on Jeopardy are the same kind of interests that allow me to enjoy that sort of party game whenever I am a part of it, even if the questions are in areas where I would not automatically be considered some sort of expert. Nevertheless, it was immensely pleasing to me that having a bit more free time in break that was not devoted to my usual break activity (namely, reading) allowed for some sort of connection with others in a bit of fun. I must admit that I can always use more fun in my life.




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I'm a person with diverse interests who loves to read. If you want to know something about me, just ask.
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