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A Cave Without Limit

In his work The Republic, Plato wrote an allegory about the cave. He imagined mankind to be dwelling in darkness, with only a few people who were enlightened enough to leave the darkness and enter the light. Of course, being … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: Kate Bush

Compared to some of the acts that have been denied entry into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, like Chicago [1] and ELO [2] and Frank Sinatra [3], Kate Bush may appear to be an unusual choice for the … Continue reading

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There is an intriguing sort of pleasure in seeing the maturation and development of a band and a poet. As someone who started writing poems as a child, and who still writes them on occasion when the mood strikes, I … Continue reading

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Scraps From The Master’s Table

This morning as I was listening to the radio, one of the hosts of the radio show expressed a sense of dismay that no one was rising up right now against the rising inequality of wealth that has accelerated since … Continue reading

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Book Review: When Victims Marry

When Victims Marry: Building A Stronger Marriage By Breaking Destructive Cycles, by Don & Jan Frank This particular book was given to me by a friend who picked it up off of our church’s free book table last Sabbath. As … Continue reading

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In Media Res

According to Aristotle, a work of literature should begin in the middle of things (in media res). By beginning in the middle of things, the reader is treated to a story in progress that can organically develop through rising action, … Continue reading

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A Cenotaph Of Fog

For a variety of reasons, I have long been fond of the music of Keane. One of their songs, called “Black Burning Heart” taught me a word that I had not known before, and I am always pleased when I … Continue reading

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Book Review: In The Shadow Of The Temple

In The Shadow Of The Temple: Jewish Influences On Early Christianity, by Oskar Skarsaune This book is one that I borrowed from a friend of mine who shares some major religious and intellectual interests to me, and he warmly recommended … Continue reading

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Playing To Your Weak Suit

For those who are not aware of it, I am fond of card games. Growing up in a family where card playing was traditional, I became familiar with rummy, canasta, poker, spades, blackjack, and hands and feet (the card game … Continue reading

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A Greater Design

Yesterday night, while at the home of some friends of mine after volleyball practice, I watched a movie that was very light and amusing, and in at least one way very thought provoking. The movie, “Now You See Me,” had … Continue reading

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