Some Nights I Call It A Draw

I must make a very strange figure whenever I travel or whenever someone sees me writing in public. It is not an uncommon thing to see someone playing with their smartphone in public, but it is a different thing to see someone typing quickly and talking to themselves and thinking and pondering and making gestures about various matters. To write in public is not an easy thing for me, personally, but it is something that I have to do from time to time, though not as often as may appear to be the case. I find writing in public rather distracting, as might easily be imagined to anyone who knows me at all personally.

One of my habits as a writer is being a bit of a nocturnal blogger. There are a few reasons for that. One of the more obscure and straightforward reasons that I blog at night is that I like to have posts published for nearly a whole 24 hour period during a day if that is possible for statistical reasons. I like to know what sort of blog entries resonate with an audience, and which do not, and to some extent I write about those matters that are generally in the same ballpark as other blog entries of mine. I find that given my habits of writing that my readers similarly respond to those patterns.

Other reasons I write at night generally are a bit more personal. For example, I tend to write at night because I need to sleep and that often needs I need to unburden my mind. If I want to sleep at night, I usually have to do some writing and unwinding, and that is not often an easy process, even if I do the best I can to make it a process that helps keep the insomnia down and allows me to sleep relatively well most of the time. Whenever I can get to writing enough that I can sleep well without trouble, I consider it a successful job well done. Hopefully my readers will agree. With that said, sleep would be a good thing right now.

About nathanalbright

I'm a person with diverse interests who loves to read. If you want to know something about me, just ask.
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