It’s Time For A Few Small Repairs

As is my habit, I like to give fair warning to readers when something is going to cause me to post less often (lest people be concerned for my well-being). Among the half a dozen errands for today is sending my trusty laptop for repairs of a hard drive that is making all kinds of noises and warning of impending failure. As it is still under warranty (I don’t have very good fortune with computers, but that is the subject for another blog entry, I suppose), I will be taking it to the chain where I bought it and the warranty and having it fixed, which should take a week or so to fix (fingers crossed). I’m hoping I get it back safe and sound and fully functioning again before my birthday. Hopefully.

Another related errand, presumably a frequent errand until I am restored to my computer, will be a trip to the local library a short distance away to get a Multnomah County Public Library card as well as using such computers as they have to keep up on e-mails and a few other sites and write (hopefully) at least somewhat close to my usual level of blogging. I have a few other errands I need to run today as well, but I am waiting on some of those errands until I receive a phone call back about a particular matter that has (as is often the case in my life) ended up being more complicated than it really had to be, though not necessarily in a bad way (just in a time-consuming and lengthy way). So anyway, for a few days at least I won’t be seen as much online as I normally am. This may not be a bad thing, though I will have to find a few more books to fill the time. Of course, that means more book reviews…

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I'm a person with diverse interests who loves to read. If you want to know something about me, just ask.
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