In The Heat Of Summer Sunshine

As I sit here at the keyboard trying to write my 1900th blog entry for Edge Induced Cohesion, the sun has just set on a hot Sabbath that reminded me of summers spent in places like Florida, Thailand, and Ghana, where all I want to do is find a much colder room to sit in where I might feel more energetic to do something, anything. It is remarkable just how much motivation at times depends on external factors. For example, one’s energy is often sapped when it is just too hot to do anything too active, when one thinks about one’s dizziness and general exhaustion. Some people have even sought to take this commonplace observation and extrapolate it to examine why some civilizations succeed and others fail. Nevertheless, as typing on a keyboard thankfully does not require a great deal of energy for me, at least something can be written despite the generally exhausted way I feel in this summer heat.

In some ways, the general exhaustion that comes from the heat of summer sunshine is not a bad thing. As someone who likes to write on a very consistent basis, at least once (if not twice) a day, it can often be a challenge to keep a pipeline that full of nonrepetitive, occasionally amusing, and not too embarrassingly open (much less to the point of being libelous and slanderous). While it is harder to feel productive and energetic for me in the heat, as I don’t feel myself to be blessed with a superabundance of energy even on good days (except for that nervous energy and anxiety which I possess in spades), it is at least easier not to write too much.

For example, this morning I wrote a blog entry on Hidden Agendas [1], and I had thought to write about Augustine and how during his own time he was suspected and accused of having a “hidden agenda” to pervert what was left of the apostolic faith once delivered through the influence of contemporary Hellenistic thought, which is exactly what he did. However, once I realized how long the post was already, and how tired I was, and that it was time to get ready for church, I figured enough was enough as it was, and spared myself the threat of being sued by Augustine’s lawyers for libeling his reputation. I dodged a bullet with that one, I suppose.

The title of this blog, as is often the case, comes from a song by the Corrs that I particularly like from their “Borrowed Heaven” album, an album I have referenced elsewhere with regards to Ireland’s debt-induced financial crisis, part of the larger global economic crisis that has not drawn a great deal of world attention [2]. I first heard this song about a decade ago during my time at college, as well as during my time in Cincinnati, where I would occasionally watch the music video to this song. The song is itself one of those good-relationships-gone-tragically-wrong stories that I can relate to a bit too well, and the video shows why betraying Andrea Corr is definitely not a good idea, as her whole family sticks up for her (something I wish I could relate to) and helps destroy the house where her ex-lover and his new lover are trying to hide unsuccessfully. Strangely, the song was a bit hit in Europe but barely made a ripple on the charts here.

Anyway, the heat of Oregon’s summer sunshine did inspire a great deal of conversation, as everyone wants to talk about the weather. I suppose in some areas one can never be content about the weather. Either it is oppressively hot or it is cold and rainy. Some people are never happy, no matter what situation they are in. I hope it cannot be said that I am one of those people, though. Anyway, if the heat keeps up like this for too long, I’m going to be like George Martin and start writing slogans like “Summer Is Coming” as he does in his Game of Thrones novels for the ill-fated Stark family. So, I hope that I can find enough sweet tea and air conditioning fairly soon so that I do not have to write endless posts kvetching about the weather, as that would help or amuse no one. I suppose I can indulge myself with one such post, though.



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