Robbers Of Sleep

Every night I try to go to bed as early as possible, especially when I have to wake up at 5:30AM to get ready and head off to work in a timely fashion. I love my sleep, and I get too little of it, which means I especially dislike it when the sleep I get is not very good. Nonetheless, I find there are often little things that rob sleep, some of them in large quantities and some of them in smaller quantities. However sleep is robbed, though, it is robbed, and there is only so much time in a day, and sleep tends to take the time that is not already filled with other activities.

Often my sleep is robbed by the promises I make to myself. For example, yesterday I promised to myself that I would finish a news article for tonight, and performing that task ended up proving to be more time consuming than I thought. It is not generally difficult for me to write a few hundred words as long as I know what I am talking about, but there are aspects that make writing a bit more time consuming sometimes. For one, this particular article had a lot of photos that I had to add for a slideshow, and that took a lot of time. Also, the computer I was using had problems (it ran out of memory, something that happens a lot) and I had to restart it in the middle of the article, which was a bit irksome. Also, I had to deal with some paypal issues, which took a bit of time as well.

One other aspect of life that robbed my sleep today was dealing with logistical concerns. Logistical concerns often tend to rob sleep, including the need to make sure I get enough food and take care of some of the recyclables that find their way to take up space. Those tasks got taken care of, as did more calls about my stray paycheck that was put in a sad netherworld by a single missing digit on a form (which is rather irksome). At any rate, dealing with logistical matters helped rob me of a good bit of sleep today, and it is a problem I often have to deal with, as some tasks come easier by nature than others.

One aspect of things that rob sleep was something that was neither a promise to myself nor was it a task that needed to get done, and that is my proclivity to waste time in debates. Truth be told, I enjoy a good debate, but good debates are generally difficult for a variety of reasons. For one, maintaining proper respect for others in debates is difficult, and a debate can easily become an unproductive argument that is not enjoyable at all. I don’t really like fighting, though I do like my own arguments and positions to be strengthened. They can be strengthened through friendly discussion, but that can often be difficult to find. Nevertheless, it is a bit frustrating to waste one’s own limited time in activities that are vexatious. That is something that will have to be corrected.

Consdiering that I have a lot of things that rob sleep, I’m curious to see what sort of things rob sleep for others. For those who read this particular entry, I hope you can all consider what factors rob sleep in your own busy lives? If you are feeling particularly bold, I would appreciate hearing about those things, especially as time and sleep are precious and rare for all too many of us, and something that we tend to appreciate when it is at its rarest, which is true of so much else as well.

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18 Responses to Robbers Of Sleep

  1. Sonya says:

    My sleep-robbers are mostly in the form of children, hah. But also ideas. I get my best ideas when I’m trying to sleep, and then of course I’m not going to go to sleep without writing them down, and then I get excited and keep brainstorming and then I realize it’s 3am. Loneliness for me is also a robber of sleep, for as soon as my kids seem to be down for the night, I either am craving alone time or interaction with other adults. Most nights I think I would benefit from a bit of both.

    • I can understand that. For me loneliness is a sleep robber usually indirectly, in that it drives me to do things that rob me of sleep in the search for personal interaction. I suppose I’m far from alone in that, though.

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