A Salute To Freedom Loving British Settler Colonists

In order to drive away boredom/idleness, one thing that I love to do is compile random statistics. Being a blogger, I appreciate the fact that WordPress has so many statistics tools for someone who is interested in the numbers, like me. It is not a complicated matter, for example, to compile the top 20 nations for my blog overall. The list looks something like this:

1. United States
2. United Kingdom
3. Canada
4. Australia
5. The Philippines
6. Thailand
7. India
8. Singapore
9. South Africa
10. The Netherlands
11. Malaysia
12. Germany
13. Ireland
14. New Zealand
15. Pakistan
16. Brazil
17. Italy
18. Nigeria
19. Indonesia
20. Kenya

These stats are fairly easy to compile, and this list was included as a random bonus on my last year-end recap of this blog [1]. To compile these statistics is fairly easy, and not a challenge at all. I wondered, as a way of seeking greater nerdiness as far as statistics were concerned, what the most popular nations would be on a per capita basis. So I decided to divide the number of blog views by the population of the nation or dependency (as WordPress counts dependencies under their own flag) to create a measure called the Blog Intensity Rating. Doing this would make a page view in Fiji worth more than a page view in China or India, and would give an idea of what areas had the most intense readers of this blog. Given that my blog is not that well-read and that the statistics for nation views go back less than a year, none of the ratings were that high. Nonetheless, compiling both the top 20 and bottom 20 nations (with a minimum of one page view) was instructive. This is what it looks like:

1. Falkland Islands (0.00078034)
2. British Virgin Islands (0.00027085)
3. Iceland (0.00020309)
4. Djibouti (0.00019801)
5. Cayman Islands (0.00014426)
6. United States (0.00014070)
7. Bermuda (0.00012454)
8. Bahamas (0.00011666)
9. Singapore (0.00010184)
10. Gibraltar (0.00010083)
11. Canada (0.00009979)
12. St. Kitts and Nevis (0.00009621)
13. Barbados (0.00009482)
14. Jersey (0.00009197)
15. Dominica (0.00008416)
16. Anguilla (0.00007434)
17. United Kingdom (0.00007358)
18. New Zealand (0.00006624)
19. Australia (0.00006503)
20. Ireland (0.00006451).

What is striking about this list is that all but two nations on this list were formerly part (or are still a part) of the British or American Empires, with the exception of Iceland and Djibouti. If one continued this list, the trend would continue: #21. Trinidad & Tobago, #22. Guam, #23. St. Vincent & The Grenadines, #24. Guernsey, #25. Jamaica, #26. Aruba, #27. U.S. Virgin Islands, #28. Northern Mariana Islands, #29. American Samoa, #31. Turks & Caicos Islands, #33. Malta, #35. Hong Kong, #36. Antigua & Barbuda, #37. Belize, and so on. In fact, the vast majority of these areas, including all of the areas which were not settler colonies, were or are all places with heavy military importance to the United States or Great Britain (and this would include Greenland at #30 as well as Iceland and Djibouti).

Likewise, there are some pretty clear connections within the twenty lowest nations on the Blog Intensity Rating:

182. China (0.000000000)
181. Democratic Republic of the Congo (0.00000001)
180. Syrian Arab Republic (0.00000005)
179. Angola (0.00000005)
178. Kazakhstan (0.00000006)
177. Mali (0.00000007)
176. Benin (0.00000011)
175. Afghanistan (0.00000012)
174. Iraq (0.00000012)
173. Mozambique (0.00000013)
172. Burkina Faso (0.00000013)
171. Sudan (0.00000013)
170. Papua New Guinea (0.00000014)
169. Bangladesh (0.00000018)
168. Cote d’Ivoire (0.00000019)
167. Haiti (0.00000020)
166. Yemen (0.00000020)
165. Algeria (0.00000024)
164. Burma/Myanmar (0.00000025)
163. Senegal (0.00000031)

It should be noted that many of these countries have been blogged about, some of them multiple times. Now, it should be noted that many of these nations were former parts of the empire of Great Britain or France, or are part of the recent imperial escapades of the United States. However, none of them were settler colonies and one of them have what can be considered to be free and competent governments or wealthy countries with the luxury of browsing random blogs on the internet. The result is that their people are not readers of this blog. The same is true for those nations which have not viewed this blog at all, the vast majority of which are either French colonies (New Caledonia, French Guinea, French Polynesia, Mayotte), nations without a stable or legitimate government (South Sudan, Central African Republic), or are among the most cruel and corrupt dictatorships of the world (North Korea, Iran, Uzbekistan, Cuba).

So, what do you think about these blog stats when they are normalized for population? What trends would you find most interesting concerning the relationship between high per capita views and being populated by freedom-loving English speaking people?

[1] https://edgeinducedcohesion.wordpress.com/2013/01/01/edge-induced-cohesion-2012-in-review-version-two/

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_population

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15 Responses to A Salute To Freedom Loving British Settler Colonists

  1. pdxpicker says:

    It helps that your blog is in English. 🙂

  2. pdxpicker says:

    United States 181
    Indonesia 24
    Brazil 16
    United Kingdom 7
    Malta 6
    Colombia 4
    Romania 4
    Argentina 3
    Republic of Korea 3
    Australia 3
    Chile 2
    Russian Federation 2
    India 2
    Philippines 2

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