Adventures In Logistics

I’m not really sure why I end up having to deal so often with logistics. For whatever reason today was a day of adventures in logistics, as I have found myself to be a reluctant quartermaster of a large amount of snacks for the next week for the students and guests here. Since I find it rather amusing, and since I’m looking to write before I fall asleep, I will be brief, but I hope the flavor comes through.

For almost a week now I have been the guardian of wine, unleavened bread, ten footwashing basins, and about fifteen brightly colored clothes that we used as footwashing towels tonight, in addition to almost two dozen shot glasses. I had to make sure that they were all safe and sound until Passover, and I did. I have to admit that while being a quartermaster isn’t something I consider myself ideal at, I’m not someone who tends to take advantage to pilfer those supplies I am left in charge of, which is one of the reasons I end up with that sort of assignment, I gather.

Today, though, I had to figure out a few vexing questions regarding the logistics of the Passover service. Since we had more women then men for footwashing, I had the ladies stay in their seats and had the men go to the computer room next door, and we waited to empty out the footwashing basins after the ladies were done. As another example, we had to use an oven pan to hold the Passover glasses (which, I must own, I filled a bit more generously than is customary, all of which I passed out being emptied). In addition, we sang a hymn from the Haggadah (more on that tomorrow) [1] to close, which required some quick acting on getting the hymnals for everyone to sing.

But the work for organizing the Passover was not the only adventure in logistics today. I also had to store an immense amount of food for snacks, because it was judged dangerous to put the food in the school’s kitchen. What proved to be most tricky, even beyond the 20 or so coconuts that we have for tomorrow night’s special treat or the bag of apples, was all the milk that was brought, which proved to be very tricky to store, even though I managed to make it all fit, thankfully.

And that I suppose is what makes adventures in logistics so funny, trying to inspect cleaning areas and then go and write a sermon message and then run out to get a vacuum cleaner that needs to have its bag thrown out for deleavening right after one has a meeting with total strangers who want their kids to come to Legacy next year and then, just after trying to store a lot of food, having to call about a broken sink faucet just before running off to dinner and then setting up for Passover. It’s just a lot to deal with, most of it dealing with logistical matters of supplies and infrastructure and organization, and none of it I consider myself particularly naturally gifted in. If I have become proficient by practice, all the better, but it’s something that requires a great deal of thought for me, not something that comes automatically. That’s why it’s an adventure, though.


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