Like A Boss

Today has been an odd day.  After getting up and having a quick breakfast I had to race off to the farm for some more disciplinary meetings.  Two students are on their last chance, and one of them could have been kicked out today for a continued problem in not asking permission to leave campus, but he received a good recommendation from another teacher and myself, and so he received one last chance to stick around.  I must say that I feel a little awkward in being someone who calls for mercy, but as far as it goes I was willing to do so for this particular student, as he is a really hard worker and a really good person.  The other student who was in a meeting isn’t a very hard worker, not at cleaning at least (which is the only experience I have with his work ethic), so I can’t say I would do the same for him.

After that I returned to deal with more computer issues.  Since my computer and my printer refuse to get along with each other, this is going to make some matters very difficult (including quizzes and tests).  I still don’t know quite what I’m going to do about that, if I can’t get the printer and the mac I’m using right now to play nicely with each other.  The computer issues have made it hard to print out the notes and quizzes for my classes, which makes a bit more work for me in handwriting, something I’m not particularly good at, as most people who know me can attest to.

Today some friends of mine have enjoyed joking with me that a particular photo of mine [1] has me sitting down “like a boss.”  This particular joke relates to one of those funny internet memes that pops up from time to time, based on a silly youtube video.  After doing a little chatting and some reading of an awesome book (book review forthcoming), I did some grocery shopping, and managed to accidentally hit the window of a motorcycle driver going the wrong way when I stuck my arm out to hail the sung-tow coming back to the village, like a boss.

So, this evening I am going to be typing what files I need to be printed out for classes, and then trying to read as much as I can in this new book I have about the development of apostasy from Babylon through Rome to today.  So far it’s  fascinating read.  And most people should know how book-deprived I am here in Thailand.


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I'm a person with diverse interests who loves to read. If you want to know something about me, just ask.
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