Somaliland Update: SYANA Gets Busy, South Sudan Invite Pays Diplomatic Dividends

Even though the last Somaliland update was not that along ago [1], there has been a fair amount of interesting news, so I thought it worthwhile to update again, even after less than a week. We will be looking today at some of the early political plans of the Somaliland Youth Association of North America (SYANA) as well as some of the diplomatic benefits the South Sudan invitation has provided so far. Let us begin.

SYANA Starts Off With A Bang

Even though the Somaliland Youth Association of North America (SYANA) has only been around for less than a month, it is already engaging in political activities to help bring attention to Somaliland, according to Somaliland247 [2]. According to the briefing, SYANA’s Robleh Mohamud Aided met with David Caplan, the MP of Ontario’s Provincial Parliament representing Don Valley East. Mr. Caplan appears to be an important member of the provincial parliament, for he was briefed on SYANA’s efforts and pledged his support to help Somaliland.

His suggestions for SYANA were sound—continue educating people about Somaliland, its existence and the concerns of its people. The example of the Somaliland diaspora in both Canada and the United States could also be decisive, as their celebrations for Somaliland independence day (May 18th) appears to have created a lot more attention than previously existed for Somaliland in much of the West. As far as SYANA is concerned, their goal appears to be a lot of work with political and community leaders on behalf of the interests of the nation and people of Somaliland. Good luck.

South Sudan Independence Invitation Pays Immediate Diplomatic Dividends

Somaliland247 also provides a couple of handy updates concerning the recent Independence Day celebration in South Sudan that took place on July 9th, 2011 in Juba (the capital city of the new nation, Africa’s 54th recognized independent state. First is a video from Somaliland president Ahmed Silanyo in the plane on the way to the meeting, for those who are interested [3].

The second bit of information is very intriguing as well. On his way to the celebration in Juba, Somaliland president Ahmed Silanyo met with British Foreign Secretary William Hauge in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, on July 8th, 2011 [4]. Though Somaliland247 did not include any information about what subjects were discussed in this meeting, some photos were provided, and it does not need to be mentioned that an official meeting between the British Foreign Minister and the head of state of an unrecognized nation is a momentous occasion, perhaps indicating that the British government plans on stepping up its efforts on supporting the interests of its former colony. What fruit will be born of such efforts remains to be seen.





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