On The Implications Of Simulation Theory

One of the natural results of incompetence in stage management of events is that attention is drawn to the reality of stage management. The incompetence of attempts at controlling reality has influenced a rise in contemporary gnosticism, which is an understandable response to cynicism about the world being under the control of incompetent beings. When, for example, a referee flags someone for illegal procedure after nodding that the player flagged is okay to negate a potentially tying score, and then fails to flag someone for a blatantly obvious case of pass interference the next play, questions arise about games being fixed by rogue referees, which makes what purports to be a fair sporting competition appear more like a badly stage managed entertainment effort.

To be sure, there is plenty of stage managed entertainment in existence. Few people would argue that wrestling is real or that the Harlem Globetrotters won genuine competitions against the Washington Generals. Yet at the same time, the Harlem Globetrotters are not valued at billions of dollars as a sporting franchise, and so the understanding that football is fixed would drastically reduce the value of franchises because of the belief that the games do not matter, and so winning does not mean anything. This is not to mean that one cannot value stage managed entertainment, but one has to question whether football is as entertaining as Shen Yun or acrobatic circus efforts, or a well-performed opera. It is not clear that sports offers entertainment that is that compelling when it lacks the belief that such drama is real and genuine competition rather than pretend competition.

Sports may not necessarily matter, but we see the same sort of efforts at stage management in the realm of politics and geopolitics. Nations seek to sponsor groups in other countries to cooperate with their agendas and paint their behavior in the best light with the price of only a little bit of corruption. Elections are run with the intent of proving who is better but with the reality that certain parties and candidates, many of them totally incompetent, are supposed to win. Unlike sports, though, politics definitely matters, not least in the way that people in power increasingly use such power to actively corrupt institutions to punish those who are not friends of the regime, which makes controlling the regime of considerable importance. If one views politics as important and cannot trust balloting to provide genuine competition, the other possibilities are considerably more unpleasant to deal with, all to replace one group of corrupt people with others who may prove to be just as bad at leading.

The general incompetence of those who seek to stage manage the world we live in is at least one element that encourages people to ponder on the stage management of reality as a whole, and to believe that we live in a simulation. This is, admittedly, one of the implications of believing in divine providence and intelligent design is to recognize that certain aspects of our existence, such as us being on an isolated and somewhat backwards planet, would seem to indicate that we are indeed being placed in a location where we can do but little harm and have but little understanding and interaction with the great mass of the universe around us. Knowing this, though, need not lead us to despair. If indeed we live in a simulation of sorts, or at least a controlled environment, we can reflect on what that means. Pilots fly in simulations all the time as they are far less risky and less dangerous than trying risky scenarios in real life where one can cause immense death and destruction. If we indeed are being taught character in a controlled environment where our potential to harm is limited, why should this thought lead us to despair about the meaninglessness of reality rather than to reflect on what we should be getting out of the decades of existence we have here?

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