Noche De Las Tortugas

Last night there were three tasks that had to be managed. One of them was eating, and given the way that the time worked out it made the most sense to try to eat some at the beginning of the time for dinner from 7 to 10PM. To that end, we had some tacos, which were tasty even if the fixing were not necessarily always to my liking personally speaking at least. While we ate, which took a bit longer than expected, we looked down at the beach to see hundreds of people assembling on the sand to help the baby turtles along their way to the water.

Turtles are interesting creatures. Among sea turtles at least, there is a marked tendency for various turtles to be born on specific sorts of beaches, and to develop a connection with a specific scent of sand, so that when they go off into the ocean and swim around for years, they will return to the same beaches to lay eggs for future generations of turtles. In this case, some 800 turtles had been born earlier that day and were being held by people who were waiting until the predatory birds had left the area before letting them crawl to the sea in the waning minutes of sunshine for them to have the best chance possible of surviving. It took some time for this to happen, as people were waiting about half an hour after the expected time for the turtles to be safe to crawl down the beach, which their wiggling legs indicated that they wanted to do, and there was a specific sort of timing with regards to letting them go where they would crawl to the sea and not be confused by the waves.

After eating and watching the turtles be set free, we went to what we supposed would be a pirate show. Instead, though, we were greeted to loud dubstep and dance music (including such songs as Do It To It), with up to six guys doing various impressive dance moves. Managing expectations can be a tricky matter, as there is always something to be appreciated when people are able to dance well, jumping rope and doing the robot with a great deal of strength and precision, somersaulting and leaping and balancing themselves on top of each other with a high degree of daring. It was certainly not a pirate show, and perhaps the show could have used a warning for epilepsy on one of the numbers where there were uniforms with lights that kept on flashing on and off, but it was an enjoyable show anyway.

After coming back from the show, my stepfather had expressed an interest in listening to a Cass Elliott album that he had once owned in the past, so I played one of the albums he appears to have had. On that album there was a song about a new world coming, and it struck me that millennial hopes were not an uncommon thing when one looks at the world. Even Hitler, it must be remembered, talked about a supposed 1,000 year Reich, even if his own regime was horrific in its behavior. The contemporary advocates of a supposed new world order today likely have millennial hopes in mind for their plans to control the world, and who knows what manmade horrors will result from the execution of these plans. Even the establishment of the biblical millennium will involve a lot of conflict in order to bring it into place, and yet our visions of it are often peaceful and placid.

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