Right Back Where We Left Off

One of the notable aspects of the social life of my father that always struck me as being the most interesting was the way that he had as his best friends people who he had not necessarily seen or interacted with for decades but still felt fondly for. Such a tendency is, I think, far too easy to make fun of, but at the same time it is one that I have understood better over the course of my own life. Even with modern technology it is not always easy to keep up with other people and often one finds oneself losing touch with people that one has known, even known well, over the course of a busy and well-traveled life.

So it is that I have found myself at this feast dealing with a strange mixture of people that I have known over the course of my decades in life, catching up with quite a few people that I have not seen or interacted with in quite a long time. Yesterday evening, as I write this, I spent time in a long food line with someone who shares my first name who was a preteen running around when I spent some time in his congregation more than a dozen years ago and who introduced himself to me by pointing out that we had the same first name and joking that he felt nervous when the opening prayer was announced that I gave because he hadn’t agreed to give one. Other people are here from feasts past or places I have lived in the past but not visited particularly recently.

What I have tended to find in all of these cases is that the shared experiences we had have been a rich source of conversation and that catching up is fun and that there are new interests that one finds with people that one has known but has not seen for a while. One can simply pick up right back where we left off, without having to worry about any loss of fond fellow feelings over the course of years and decades. Perhaps people might think that odd that such a thing can happen, but it has been my experience that those people one is fond of and has spent time around in the past do not have that fondness depreciated, but rather one can pick up things and catch up if one has the time to spend in the future.

And that time is often a key question. One of the most notable aspects of this feast has been for me just how much time is spent in various pleasant activities, that one eats and then has to rush off to some meeting, or that one has some sort of duty that allows for conversation with others, and then one’s free time can be spent enjoying time with brethren, testing the capabilities of one’s ability to communicate, and then choosing whether to stay and talk or rush off hither and thither. Whether one stays or goes, the time is spent in seeking renewal, but in a way for me that is far more social and busy than my usual existence.

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