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On Feeling One’s Time Wasted

One of the things I like to ponder is the way that I feel my time to be wasted. There are some activities that take a fair amount of time but do not feel as if the time is being … Continue reading

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Album Review: Electra Heart

Electra Heart (Deluxe Version), by Marina & The Diamonds If Marina & The Diamond’s first album had a distinctive voice, it was harmed to a great extent by the singer’s petulant dissatisfaction with her life and her failure to take … Continue reading

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Absence Of Color

One of the fundamental issues in our contemporary world that is at the base of a great deal of our problems is the failure of reciprocity. Whether one prefers the formulation of the golden or silver rules is sometimes a … Continue reading

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A Failure Of Political Imagination

In watching the latest Fantastic Beasts movie, I was struck in particular by the failure of many reviewers, who themselves are part of that accursed tribe of contemporary journos, to recognize the subtlety of the portrayal of political matters and … Continue reading

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Fantastic Squirrels And Where To Find Them

I spent this weekend, from Passover to this evening, at the home of some close friends of mine in the country. Among the more interesting aspects of country life is dealing with animals. Sometime one deals with them from afar, … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore

I will try to leave this movie review to have as few spoilers as possible, but I think it is fair to say that when I finished this movie I had a lot of questions. Some of the questions were … Continue reading

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Living In The Metaphor

When ancient Israel left Egypt some almost 3500 years ago or so, it was pretty clear that they did a lot of walking in the process of leaving Egypt and making their slow way to the promised land. While God … Continue reading

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On Communion And Community

While eating in a large group for the Night To Be Much Observed, one of the people at our dinner waxed eloquent about the issue of community, talking about how it is that baptism was a sign of one’s commitment … Continue reading

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A Plague Of Biblical Proportions

I normally do not have much reason to think of hail. While I am not sure how common hail is as a condition overall, it is at least in my experience a fairly rare or fairly minor occurrence in my … Continue reading

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No Defense At All

In a previous post I discussed the possibility that the Tu Quoque argument could have limited worth in reducing the penalty for offenses in an atmosphere of widespread rulebreaking. We are used to viewing the Tu Quoque (“you too,” or … Continue reading

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