Exploring Setting: A NaNoWriMo Prompt

Continuing on my theme [1] of using prompts for preparing for National Novel Writing Month this year, I would like to comment on the settings for my upcoming novel. Admittedly, with a novel planned that only takes place over a few months in late 1783 and early 1784, the settings of this part of a larger saga are much more constrained to England than is the case in the series as a whole (if I get around to writing more of the long saga that is currently in my head of which Return Of The Native Son is the first of the stories in mind). I will comment at least briefly on the larger and smaller settings of the novel I am planning to write next month (as I write this) as a way of seeking to frame my own thoughts. First I will comment on the larger settings and then on such smaller ones as come to mind.


The home region of my protagonist, the Third Viscount Lipton, is located in the area of North Yorkshire, and a fair amount of the action of the novel itself occurs in this region. Given that the novel itself confines itself to the perspective of the main character and those who are around him via free indirect discourse, the settings are limited to places that the protagonist himself goes to over the course of those few months, and those are limited to the area of his home estate and London (more on that later). Here are some of the locations in mind for the novel.

Market Weighton, although this particular town is not located in North Yorkshire itself, it is part of the way between Hull and the protagonist’s estate in North Yorkshire and is the place where the novel opens at an inn where the protagonist is staying. He also explores the streets of the town and finds himself involved in an interesting situation that has serious repercussions.

Orient Hall: The estate of the Viscounts Lipton, this particular building and its surrounding grounds and fields, makes up a major setting of the book as it is the main place where the protagonist spends his time in his household, around his family, as well as in conversations with guests, as well as in visits to the houses of various others who are a part of his larger estate.


London was, and is, the biggest city in England and so it is natural that the protagonist, who is himself a viscount and thus a peer sitting in the House of Lords, would come here from time to time. There are at least a few places here that he would spend time based on his interests and behavior.

Lipton House: The Viscount Lipton, of course, has his own London house in a suitably fashionable district although he is by no means very showy of it, and he spends his time here when he is in town, enjoying his usual standard of labor.

Sydney House: He will be spending at least some time at Sydney House, the London residence of the Viscount Sydney and his family, for various reasons.

St. James Palace: At least one scene of the place takes place when the protagonist goes to the palace to be introduced to the monarch, whom he actually had never met personally.

House Of Lords: There will be at least one, and possibly more, scenes where the protagonist speaks to the House of Lords, as he is a peer.

Brook’s Club: Although the protagonist is not a particular partisan, there is going to be a scene in Brook’s club where there is a confrontation involving the protagonist and a political accuser.

[1] See, for example:

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  1. Catharine Martin says:

    I am really looking forward to reading your novel as the story unfolds.

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