Restaurant Review: Yak & Yeti’s Himalayan Restaurant

In many ways this restaurant may be seen as the inverse of the previous restaurant we ate at for dinner. If Spenard’s Roadhouse is a trendy and beautiful and large restaurant with a lot of customers and with a lot of flexibility in substitutions on items, Yak & Yeti’s is a small restaurant with a very plain decor as well as an austere environment that is very much based on only those items it has in the menu. And yet what it offers is very tasty, if you happen to enjoy North Indian, Nepalese, and Tibetan food as much as I do. Again, if this is a sort of food you want to enjoy, there are a lot of good things on the menu and I can vouch for some of them personally.

My family all had fairly similar tastes about what we wanted, so I cannot provide an understanding of the whole menu, which was interesting enough that I would like to try this place again and get at least a couple of things that I did not get last time. My mom ordered the entre size of the Himalayan chopped salad and I ordered the side salad size of it and it was a tasty salad with red cabbage, cucumber, peas, and other vegetables with a tasty vinaigrette. My stepfather and I ordered garlic naan which was also tasty. As for the main dishes, my stepfather had the lamb saag, which was a tasty and mild lamb curry with spinach, and I had the combination plate with the lamb curry (no spinach) as well as the daal bhatt, a very mild lentil dish with clarified butter, all of which was eaten over a very plain long-grained rice. If this sounds like something that would be tasty to you, this is a worthwhile place for you to go, even if it is very unprepossessing in its appearance.

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