Restaurant Review: Spenard Roadhouse

When our initial choice for dinner was closed we ended up going here for dinner before the opening night service at the Feast of Tabernacles in Anchorage, Alaska. This particular restaurant offers fare that I did not expect for a roadhouse, for the most part, but it certainly ended up being an enjoyable dining experience. This place looked pretty popular while we were there and it was easy enough to figure out why that was the case given the menu and the friendliness of the staff. Even if the menu required some substitutions (more on that below), the generosity of the staff certainly made it worthwhile.

For dinner, our party had a few different options. I had the water and iced tea to drink, and my mother had some hot tea, although it took a few tries to get it right. As far as the food was concerned, my stepfather got a roadhouse burger with sweet potato tots and a side salad with a lemon-basil vinaigrette while my mother got a larger house salad with the same dressing. I ordered the salmon with a sweet and spicy glaze as well as corn salsa, jasmine rice (I had to switch out the bacon dirty rice that was on the menu), as well as some blackened brussels sprouts, and I ended up having a peanut butter pie slice for dessert, all of which was tasty and ranged from sweet to spicy in general.

In looking at this place, I see that there is enough here to eat to go to the place a couple of times if necessary, but most of the dishes, at least for me, would require some sort of substitution. There is a lot of bacon and pork on the menu, and the Thai chicken dish has shellfish in the sauce. At least the menu marks such things clearly. If you are looking for veggie dishes or sweets, there are a fair amount of options, and it is even better if you can see what is offered from the digital menu, which includes monthly specials that the paper menu does not have. This is a place that probably had a much bigger menu pre-Covid, but even a bit out of season and in such times as these it offers good taste for a reasonable price.

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