Short Reviews: Nathan’s 50 State Completion Tour: Part One

The following are some short reviews from my 50 state completion tour of various places stayed at and gone to since the start of the second part of my 50-state completion tour:

Super 8 By Wyndham Irving/DFW Apt/North:

This hotel had a lot going against it–its shuttle was shared with numerous other hotels and was quite crowded, and there were clearly some problems with checking in that made for an extremely late night. Considering that so little time was spent in the room, it was comfortable enough for a night, but there was a fair amount of jankiness about the hotel–the system for reservations was clearly a low point in the experience here, but the absence of breakfast and the fact that the elevator was broken were certainly not high points either. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced place to spend a few hours of sleep, and you’re okay with a complicated air conditioner and a fair amount of brokenness in the hotel you’ll probably be alright, but if you demand more, this place is likely to disappoint, and it doesn’t even have restaurants other than a Whataburger close by.

Country Kitchen, Chadron NE

This was one of the places I found by looking online for places with decent salads and it makes an enjoyable place to eat. The restaurant specializes in comfort food and manages to succeed pretty well at it. The service is friendly and the salads, soups, chicken tenders, and fries all tasted excellent. The place offers its own seasoning mixture which is also tasty. Its music choices tend towards Boomer music, as most of its clientele when I visited were boomers as well, but those looking for a more upscale experience would do well to try the winery out. Overall this place has a lot to offer.

Museum Of The Fur Trade, Chadron NE

This small museum a few minutes outside of Chadron, Nebraska is located on the site of the historical Bordeaux Trading Post, and there is a lot to appreciate. The museum has a lot of excellent artifacts as well as a sound bookstore and excellent buildings all connected to the fur trade over the course of centuries. Those who are fond of the complex trading relationships involved in the fur trade will find a lot to enjoy here, and a lot of thought-provoking discussion as well, whether it involves how it is that Czech and Italian-made beads ended up in the middle of the United States purchasing pelts from tribes, or how it is that Belgium ended up smuggling thousands of rifles to tribes in the Great Plains and faking them as British ones.

Westside Restaurant, Oneill, Nebraska

This restaurant markets itself as the place where friends and family meet, and that certainly appeared to be the case when I was there. A rather plain exterior belies the fact that this place has some good food–excellent salads, tasty soup (the soup of the day was Cream of Broccoli), and some excellent Broasted Chicken. Service was friendly and attentive and the food was enjoyable. It might be rare that you would find yourself in this city, but this is a good place to eat if you do.

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